5 Secrets about Lemon Juice

5 Secrets about Lemon Juice

The world is full of fruits and vegetables, most of them are also used in Juice making. These days Lemon water is common to some of us. But the question is what is the secret behind the Lemon Juice? In this article we are going to discuss not less than 5 secrets you are suppose to know about the lemon water.

Secret 1: It is a source of Vitamin C
Lemon Juice is rich in Vitamin C hence it help in protect our cells from damaging free radicals, this is because Vitamin C is a primary antioxidant. When you drink Lemon Juice you may reduce your risk of stroke, lower blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

The studies from  United States Department of Agriculture show that 1/4 cup raw lemon juice provide about 23.6 grams of Vitamin C which is higher than the recommended amount per day.

Secret 2:It Support Weight Loss
Many people today are finding proper way to reduce their loss, good news is Lemon Juice can help them to reduce their body weight, this is because of polyphenol antioxidants found in Lemons.

Secret 3: It Improves your skin quality
If you want to have the soft, quality and beautiful skin then you are supposed to drink the Lemon Juice every morning, the study shows. Vitamin C found in lemons may play a vital role in reducing the skin wrinkling. A study by American Society for Clinical Nutrition shows that people who consumed more vitamin C have less chances to have dry and wrinkled skin.

Secret 4: It speed up digestion process
When you wake up in the morning just take a glass of lemon Juice for the study shows that drinking warm or hot lemon water in the morning may help your digestive system moving fast.

Secret 5: It prevent Kidney Stones
Health specialists recommends increasing citric acid intake so as to decrease your risk of getting new calcium stones. When you drink Lemon water then you get more citric acid hence reducing the chances to prevent stones

Apart from the explained benefits above, the lemon juice also can help you in Freshens breath as well as promoting hydration.

It is good for you to take a glass of Lemon Juice after every morning meal.

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