Emergency Roadside Assistance Provided by PWV Insurance Brokers in South Africa

Car Hire
In the event that a vehicle has broken down more than 100 km from the policyholder’s home, the call centre will pay for 24-hour, group-B car hire for the policyholder to complete his/her journey or to return home. This service is subject to availability and the driver must be in possession of a valid credit card and driver’s license.

The service is limited to R500. The cost of fuel will be for the policyholder’s account.

Mechanical / Electrical Breakdown
The primary objective of the Service Provider is to tow a vehicle to the nearest, most appropriate place of repair or safekeeping. Should the nearest repairer not be available to receive the vehicle at the time of the breakdown, the vehicle will be towed to the Towing Service Provider’s yard for safe-keeping. Cost of the 2nd tow will be for the policyholder’s account. The service is available throughout South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

Message-Relay Service
In the event of an electrical / mechanical breakdown, the call centre will on request relay any urgent messages to friends, colleagues or family policyholder’s to advise them of the policyholder’s circumstances.

Overnight Accommodation
Instead of the car-rental option, arrangements can be made for overnight accommodation for the driver and passengers.

The service is limited to R500.

Locksmith Services
The call centre will dispatch an accredited locksmith to the incident scene to open the vehicle in order to retrieve the keys from the vehicle. The service is limited to the Service Provider’s call-out and 1st hour’s labour. The Service Provider will not cover the cost for repairs, the replacement of a lock or ignition switch or the cutting of keys.

Vehicle Repatriation
Should the policyholder choose the car-rental option and continue his journey while the vehicle is being repaired, the Service Provider will pay towards the costs of providing the policyholder with a 24-hour, group-B car hire to collect the vehicle after repairs.

The cost of fuel will be for the policyholder’s account. Alternatively, a flight ticket/bus ticket can be arranged. This service is limited to R 500.

Source: PWV Official Website

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