Credit insurance for consumers

When you buy something on credit, you will usually be required to purchase a cover that will cover your debts if: 1. The goods you buy for accident are lost, stolen or damaged. 2. You die. 3. You are disabled, and certain conditions. 4. You are broken into your workplace.

This type of insurance usually covers the debt paid to you by the credit provider, and will be issued directly to the credit provider. In addition, you can select the following options also:

For stolen or damaged goods can be changed;
In other cases, additional amounts may be paid to your successor in the case of death claims.

1.Loss or damage of goods purchased on credit You can purchase a cover cover to give loss or damage to the purchased goods:
You can buy insurance that will only cover debts; or
You can buy insurance that will cover a large debt, and also the cost of replacement or repair of lost, stolen or damaged goods.

Make sure you know what type of cover you are selling. If you buy a cover for a debt only, the policy will only pay for you still claim that the debt is not going to control something that was damaged or stolen.

2. Death This benefit covers the debt owed by you on the goods purchased on credit, if you die.

Important information
Death from disease or existing medical conditions before purchase insurance policy should not be covered. Usually, this will be used for the specified period before taking this cover, for example 12 months or 24 months.

• To find out if you will be covered with a specific disease, inform the agent who helps you with your insurance application for any diseases and / or medical conditions you may have. By informing the agent about this, you will find what you are not covered.

• If you do not disclose this information, the claim is not available.
• Even if you tell a client about the disease or medical condition that you already suffer, you will not be covered if your death comes from any illness or medical condition.
• Suicide, or injury caused by yourself, is generally not covered if this happens within a specific period after buying this insurance, for example a 24-month period.

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