Making Insurance Claims

You have purchased insurance, paid your payment, have understood your policy document and have taken your insurance up to date with any changes that affect your policy. Then it is not appropriate to think: accident, theft or other loss occurs, and you need to claim from your insurance. Do not be afraid; if you follow the steps below you should be in the same situation you had before the unfortunate event at any time.

Check your policy document, this will allow you to know if you have the ability to claim, and what you need during the claim. For example, if you have purchased travel insurance and your flight has been delayed, you may need to get a signed statement from the aircraft to give reasons for the delay. By reading your policy document you will know that you need this, and you will be able to get information from the plane before leaving the airport. Without this, the insurer cannot pay the claim (again, check your document document to verify this).

Call your email or email cover. Tell them you have to submit claims and what they need from you. Usually legal documents, police records, proof statements, etc. are required for certain claims. This is not to make the process difficult for you. It is sure that your claim is true. There is a huge amount of fraud in the insurance industry and insurance needs to ensure that it is paying legal claims.

And that’s it! Get a reference or claim number from the cover so you can track the claim. In the event of a claim, the customer may be appointed to assess the loss or damage and prove that this claim is valid. Claims can be paid for money, or damaged or lost items can be made or replaced.

A typical assessment will take into account the total amount of insurance to determine the amount of paid for a damaged or lost product. In the case of under insurance insurance company only pay part of the claim. In order to prevent under cover, it is necessary to periodically review the amount that your household content is insured.

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