Short-term Insurance Industry cautions motorists

Johannesburg – Short-term insurance sector, South Africa Insurance
The Association (SAIA) has urged motorists to be cautious when traveling during the rainy season that has
affecting most of Gauteng and neighboring states. – SAIA encouraged motorists to take extra care
roads that have been damaged, and where there is flooding and rain to avoid great danger

“We are particularly concerned about the welfare of motor vehicles as the weather has caused damage
The road, which therefore led to the destruction of cars and even a major accident, “says SAIA Manager
Risks of Insurance, Viviene Pearson. He said that 80 percent of all claims of cars relate to accidents, compared to
Only 20% due to car crime.

“The driver’s behavior is still considered as a major contributor to automobile accidents and
The destruction of cars in South Africa, “Pearson added. Therefore, traders deserve to remain
stability and patience, and transparency, even when delays are caused by weather and other related matters
make it difficult to do so.

Sakkie Nigrini, a weather expert from Net-forecasting (, showed that now
The climate that causes rainfall on Gauteng and other regions will continue to cause rain until
Sunday. Nigrini added that the new climate system will emerge on Monday, which can cause
plumbing and heavy rainfall in Gauteng, Free State, Kwazulu Natal, North West and North
Cape next week. He said that between 60 mm and 100 mm of rain could fall in certain areas at a time
These rains can cause sudden flooding.

“SAIA is concerned about the spread of soil levels in Gauteng and neighboring and more
The rain can cause slides of mud, floods, increased circulation in holes and other bad road conditions
The fighters, “Pearson said.” These conditions are obviously having serious security effects for motorists, and
they are even more dangerous in relation to car damage. “

They often leave more traumatized travelers to prevent traffic flow and cause more
destroy our roads. SAIA is aware of the fact that ongoing rain does not leave much
The repairs of the road, and encourage the motorists to decline and be gazing at such obstacles
to enable them more effectively.

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