Switching insurers: Very Easy

When is the best time to change?
If you have not yet made up your mind about changing your insurance coverage, see if any of the following situations apply to you:

Payment savings: Often the only way to reduce costs is to adjust your insurance premiums or join a new insurer. Cheaper is not always the best – you may end up with a higher rate or realize you have not received the same number of benefits as before.

Life event: Maybe you just got married, bought a home or acquired a lot of household items / technology in your home. When reviewing your cover, you may find that you want to start a new one with a new cover.

Attractive value-added extras: Does it envy your friend’s home-based care and traffic help? You should be getting more than just insurance coverage.

All in one Cover: Usually it’s a good idea to combine your car insurance, home and buildings, and this can give you the perfect excuse to move to another insurer.

How to make switching fast and easy
Do your research to feel that you have covered all the basics, from talking to your broker, friends and family, reading online forums and troublesome company websites. Next, get a couple of quotes and make sure to read good newspapers to make sure you don’t pay too much for a down payment. Once you’ve booked the right insurance for you – which offers a mix of prices, warranties and services – go ahead and accept the quote, making sure you get something in writing before you cancel your ex.

How payments are calculated
All insurance companies look at the history of your claim along with several factors such as your age, credit history and geographic location. With specific car insurance, they will look at your driving experience and track record (how long you have your license), etc.

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