The car price guidelines and the value of your car

Browse through any car price guide and you’ll find several rows of options to consider. Whether you’re looking for a luxury luxury first car or a small, zippy car to give you from A to B, when it comes to car shopping, most people are just looking for the right price.

We recommend car buyers take into account how dealer cars are priced for cars to assess if the car is, in fact, worth the price. When it comes to trading in your existing car for a different model, you need to consider the difference between the retail price and the market, as well as how your insurance is ready to insure your new car.

What is the difference between retail and market value?
Before you sell your existing car, you must consider the difference between the market and the warranty of your car. The market value really reflects the adjusted retail price and will probably differ from the retail price shown under different materials in the Auto Dealer Guide since it considers several variables, including mileage, your vehicle status, service history and crash reports.

If you were to sell your car personally, the market price would be the price you could sell. Because this figure can vary from car to car, short-term insurers find a way to estimate the market price of a car.

If something should happen to your car, Santam will pay for a decent car market guarantee. Market value uses the retail price as a basis and takes into account the kilometer range on your car’s odometer, vehicle status and any additional items on the vehicle.
Is it Why should you insure your car?

Full car insurance now comes with a guarantee. Collateral liability insurance: insurance that makes things right if your car is stolen or stolen

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