Tips to make your small business more distinctive

The competitive nature of running your own business means that you can often compare yourself to others in your industry. While the importance of the industry is always going to be important, it is unified with a unique proposal to carry more weight with customers. Research has shown that in addition to better services and better products, customers commit to businesses that make them feel more relaxed or more miles away.

Remember that your business journey is very personal, taken at your own pace. Focus on your own distinguishing character, and seize the opportunities you can. The following comments can set you apart from the competition, and help you classify your union into the most loved business.

Be specific, very special: You can’t be all things to all people. Don’t try and offer all kinds of products or services as you might be perceived as ‘okay’ or ‘me-too’ by customers. Instead, you own a specific market niche. Ask yourself: My business is the only one that is / offers XYZ…? For example, instead of having another salon, why not visit people in the office or be offered a beach?

Offer cannot be denied: Who doesn’t want to get something for nothing? Linking the power of word of mouth with rewarding customers by recommending a friend, or offering a longer-than-usual guarantee on a product or service.

Do something amazing: Sometimes, even the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone else. Social media is a great way to impress customers, so sometimes when someone compliments your business, why not give a sample of the product or voucher delivered to their office?

Solve the problem: Think about the painful tips of your business or industry. One dentist recognized that customers felt it was necessary to listen to the sounds of the drill in the waiting room, so they created a quiet environment such as a spa and free exhibition. They also provided noise-canceling headphones during the procedures.

Share your knowledge: Show clients that you are an expert in your field. Don’t be shy to share that knowledge on your blog, by talking on the radio or help guides. Customers love businesses that have sincere support.

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