Travel Insurance Part 2

The continuation from the previous post (Travel Insurance Part 1) MEDICAL AND RELATED EXPENSES There you are on your once in a life-time trip to the Amazon and get bitten by a snake. You need emergency evacuations and medical treatment. You may not have enough cash or money in your credit card to pay for what is going to be a very expensive bill.

Your travel insurance should cover you for accidents and emergency medical care when you travel.

You’ve been spending your time lying on the beach, soaking up the sun and sipping on cocktails. You go for a quick dip in the sea to cool off but when you get back, you notice your beach bag is missing. Your camera, phone, wallet and sunglasses were in there!

Your insurance should compensate you if your personal belongings are damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost.

Limits will apply per item that needs to be replaced. Check that these limits are sufficient. n Some policies specify lower limits for valuables stolen from a beach or pool-side. Check whether your policy has this restriction.

There are usually also individual limits that apply to certain items such as sunglasses, cellphones and laptops. The compensation is usually not sufficient to replace expensive items. Check the specifics of your policy and if this is the case, you need to make sure that such items are covered by your home contents insurance policy. Most policies will also compensate you for stolen or damaged cash if you are able to provide proof of withdrawal.

You pack your bags and head to the airport. Upon arrival you check in, grab a coffee and catch up on the news while you wait for your flight to board. Halfway through the sports section, you hear the announcement … your flight is delayed by several hours.

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